Vectric Aspire software and editing .STL files

A place to discuss other software like PhotoGrav, A-Cad, Aspire, PhotoShop, Vextractor and Corel to name a few.
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Gene Uselman
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I normally do not print other peoples .STLs but often use them to make my own solid parts and often will use just a piece of someones .STL for something else or add it to something I am designing. There are a lot of extremely talented people out there in the WWW who share their work for free or very low cost. I have been in design long enough to know it is not efficient to make everything from scratch, if you can find a design that might help you along [and it is not violating a copyright] use it.
I normally bring a bitmap [STL] into Fusion 360 and can then copy or modify it to suit. It is laborious and making small changes is very difficult. I know there are programs more suited to this work, but, I am not proficient with them. Aspire has some very useful tools to make sculpting changes very easily that would be very hard to impossible in F360. If you 3D print and have Aspire... give it a try.
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