Is it my Tube or my Power Supply?

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Post by Dustin Hawkinson » Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:38 pm [EDIT FOR CONTEXT- GDU]

This method is potentially unsafe and I do not necessarily recommend using it, but here is the info. I was instructed by my vendor to use this method to check if my power supply was dead or not.

Needless to say I was reticent to try this. After a couple minutes of thinking it over, I decided that if I took some precautions I could conduct the test "fairly safely" and the largest risk would be frying the power supply. I wasn't too worried about that because the seller would probably replace it if they caused me to fry it (maybe), and the design of the PSU itself seems like it could handle this type of shorting. Here is the video I made of me replicating the test:

***DO NOT try this if you do not understand exactly what the situation is that you are causing and how to properly insulate yourself and anything else that could be damaged.
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Im concernd that the output current maybe will bee to high, especially on a healthy Power Supply.
i.e. you maybe burn your Power Supply as there is no load on the output and cause a shortage with very high current output (mA).

There is on some Power Supply a "Test" button, I dont know what the diffrent is, but maybe the output power is restricted.
I tried this yesterday and first I did not get a pulse, but after dissconnect the signal plug on the Power Supply I got a pulse.
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