1. Electrical

Very Large Laser Beds
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Gene Uselman
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Location: Suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Country: USA
Nickname: Gene
Laser Machine Make or Type: QC
Laser Power: 130W
Laser Bed Size: 900x1300
Home Position: TR
Control Software: LIGHTBURN
RDWorks Version: RDw .19 & Lightburn
LightBurn Version: Latest
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: Win 10 Pro
Accessories: I have a combining lenses, pin tables [homebuilt], honeycomb tables , wireless remote, Modifed Ultimate Air Assist, home built non-powered rotary device, PrusaMK4 and Mini Prusa printers.

I will try to keep this organized with an outline of different parts that need to be addressed.

1. Electrical

1.01 - schematic
Every machine should be furnished with a schematic, I have never seen one unfortunately. If you are capable I recommend making one, no matter how crude to help whoever is working on the machine and future folks. I will post the
schematic I have developed for this machine- the basic components are similar on most machines.

1.02- This machine is 115v and that is stepped up to 220v single phase by a large transformer- all Laser components are 220v and use the European/ Chinese 220v system. I left the laser that way but designed my own control panel using [mostly] 12v switches to control SSR [solidstate Relays] to switch the 220v system where necessary and also wired our US-220v for the rear machine panel to power the chiller and exhaust fan. I added a 12v Power supply for my control systems and LED lighting.

1.1 Laser panel rewired- / relays for Laser 1 & 2 power supplies, 750w exh fan, CW6000 [twin] chiller and modified Ultimate Air Assist. I will develop this panel info later.

1.11 Change to 6445 controller from 6344G [Touch screen]- I did not like the touchscreen operation- to sensitive and the machine is pretty tall and I am pretty short and it was a pain to position my eyeballs to get a good viewing angle on it.

1.2 WiFi remote control necessary with large bed in my humble opinion- just being able to pulse the laser from behind is worth the cost. I can set one travel speed on the main panel and have two other speeds available at the touch of a button for positioning and focusing.

1.3 I swapped in Larger Stepper motors for Z axis with an electrical interrupt for the left side Z motor driver power. The larger bed is very heavy with the debris pan under it. That enables adjusting the bed from left to right- front to back is mechanical and will be covered later.
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