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Questions and Answers about LaserBond 100
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Stefano Noto
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Joined: Sat May 15, 2021 5:52 pm
Location: Mesa, AZ
Country: United States
Nickname: Conundrum
Laser Machine Make or Type: Universal
Laser Power: 120
Laser Bed Size: 48 x 24
Home Position: TR
Control Software: LIGHTBURN
RDWorks Version: 1.18
Ruida Controller: Other
Windows Version: 10
Accessories: Rotary, gas assist, multiple lens configurations. Particulate and vapor-phase filtration. If this is only for users of RDworks, then I apologize.

How does this work with high peak power lasers?
I have been using LMM6000 from Cermark and that works well, generally. Then I tried their "new and improved" Ultramark and it works fine for my Universal lasers but my Coherent Diamond (250W peak, maxes at 60% d/c) blows it right off the surface instead of marking, so it is useless.
Neither of their products are always consistent in terms of a solid mark.
I would like to try Laserbond, but has it been tested with high-peak lasers?
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