Rabbit RL-80-1290 help please

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Wyllis Cauvel
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Location: San Antonio Texas
Country: United States
Nickname: Wyllis
Laser Machine Make or Type: RL-80-1290
Laser Power: 90w rated
Laser Bed Size: 45"x33"
Home Position: BR
Control Software: RDWORKS
RDWorks Version: v8.00.48
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: 11
Accessories: RDWorks I think.
Ruida Controler - RDC6442G
RDC - V8.00.48
HMI - V4.0121

Still new to lasers. I was a electrician in the US Navy for 10 years, I still do that mainly, have my license. Had a Universal Laser Systems 660, the CO2 tube ram out, recharge is $3k. Was learning Corel with that. Then the guy who I'm running the Laser for swaped me out for Rabbit RL-80-1290. Still don't know exactly what I'm running.

After start up, I get some jittering with the Y axix, and unable to move laser head along Y axis, but X axis is fine. Having a prox issue on the YLimit+ and YLimit- are showing being flaged, there is no YL+ prox, and YL- has nothing around it. I can physically clear the YL- flag by placing a metallic object near it. YL+ stays flaged. I Ohmed out the Y prox, and the Xn and both Z proves, same results, nothing. I did a voltage test, I get voltage when I physically flag the Y prox only, voltage on X gives me same reading. TY!
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