OMTECH 60W - Autofocus not enabled after RUIDA update (KT332N)

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I followed the Omtech recommended upgrade ( of my RUIDA controller KT332N to V23.01.20. Since then, the focus button (I have autofocus) responds "autofocus not enabled". Does anyone know how to solve this or revert of older firmware by any chance?

EDIT: I found V23.01.05 here: and after flashing this firmware, the autofocus works back again. I've emailed Omtech to get confirmation that the parameters are all aligned with their recommended settings.
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Gareth Lewis
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Hi Readytofail,

Sorry, The forum is a little slow to react these days after being offline.

I'm glad you were able to sort it out. How was the Omtech support? I've heard is not usually very good.
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