Made a cart/table for my laser and a workbench.

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John Salitsky
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Joined: Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:08 am
Location: Landing, NJ
Country: United States
Nickname: John
Laser Machine Make or Type: Preenex
Laser Power: 50W
Laser Bed Size: 12" x 20"
Home Position: TL
RDWorks Version: v8.01.18
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: 10

Not that I have anything against just buying a work bench I find it difficult to convince myself that spending 300-400 bucks on something I can make for a fraction of that is a good idea so off to the hardware store I go. I swear sometimes the people there look at me like I must work there. Anyway $180.00 later I have enough materials to not only make a work bench but also a table with casters for my new laser machine.
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Frank Small
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Location: Bennington, Vermont
Country: USA
Laser Machine Make or Type: 50W China Blue upgraded to Reci 75W tube
Laser Power: 75
Laser Bed Size: 500x300
Home Position: TL
Control Software: LIGHTBURN
RDWorks Version: RDW v8.01.18
Ruida Controller: Other
Windows Version: Win 10
Accessories: Ruida Controller R644XG
Rotary fixture


That looks like that will fill the bill. Strong and lots of work space. In my shop any flat surface has stuff on it so if I'm doing any work finding space is problematic.
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