3. Exhaust air flow mods

Very Large Laser Beds
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Gene Uselman
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Laser Machine Make or Type: QC
Laser Power: 130W
Laser Bed Size: 900x1300
Home Position: TR
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Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: Win 10 Pro
Accessories: I have a combining lenses, pin tables [homebuilt], honeycomb tables , wireless remote, Modifed Ultimate Air Assist, home built non-powered rotary device, PrusaMK4 and Mini Prusa printers.

3. Air flow mods-

3.1 Sealing between tube bulkhead and the basic floor of the machine [surrounds the cutting bed]- 1/16 to 1/8 plastic filler panels with magnet attachments and various plastic covers for the holes in the bulkhead [for instance where the laser beam goes thru the bulkhead is typically much larger than needed].

3.2 A 'T' fitting to combine the port in the debris pan and the louvers at the back of the cutting bed and connect with a single fitting coming thru the rear of machine to connect to the flex hose to the exhaust fan.

3.2.1 750W exhaust fan for bed and louvers behind bed- sheet metal covers for half of louvers, this fan is loud and I am rubber mounting it to cut down on the noise. It is also overkill for engraving, considering an inline blower blowing thru the large blower. maybe split bed in half with baffle

3.4 Cover front 16" of bed for exhaust flow- also moves cutting/engraving farther to rear for better flow
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